Dumbbell Set: 3 lbs., 5 lbs., 8 lbs.

Perfect for light resistance workouts, this mini dumbbell set satisfies your changing resistance needs. Includes handy storage rack. (Used with many Beachbody programs.)

Satisfy the changing resistance needs of your fitness routine with this stylish and versatile set of vinyl-coated dumbbells.

Built for durability and easy to handle, they’re the perfect solution for any light resistance workout. Plus, the convenient storage rack keeps your dumbbells organized, and looks great in any fitness setting.

Special Features

  • Vinyl coated for comfort and durability
  • Color coded for easy weight identification
  • Pyramid storage rack include

So get pumped, get toned, and get strong with this incredibly smart mini dumbbell set!

B-LINES Band Kits

Resistance bands have been proven to help you burn fat and tone lean muscle faster. Just as effective as free weights, resistance bands are much more portable and convenient, so you can work out anytime, anywhere. And with increasing levels of resistance, you can keep ramping up your workout as you get into better and better shape.

Maximize your workouts!

These color-coded bands come in a range of resistance levels and attach to soft, foam-covered handles for maximum comfort. These pro-grade bands will get you lean and ripped even faster! Used with most Beachbody® workouts.

Each kit includes 2 bands, 2 sets of comfort-grip handles, plus 1 FREE band!

Special features

* Provide variable resistance throughout entire range of motion
* Control the tension by shortening or lengthening the band
* Portable and convenient—perfect for travel or at home
* Used for total-body sculpting, toning, and fat burning

Standard Kit
Our best-selling set among women! Burn fat and tone lean muscle faster with our pro-grade resistance bands instead of dumbbells. This set contains a range of resistance bands from 15 to 30 pounds.

Super Kit
Our best-selling set among men! Get lean and ripped even faster with our pro-grade resistance bands instead of dumbbells. This set contains a range of resistance bands from 20 to 40 pounds. It includes 2 bands, 2 sets of handles, plus 1 FREE band for just $39.95 (+$5.95 s&h)!

Extreme Kit
Get ripped! Get lean and ripped even faster with our pro-grade resistance bands instead of dumbbells. This set contains a range of resistance bands from 40 to 50 pounds.

Weighted Gloves Set

Increase the intensity of your cardio workouts and get the lean, toned arms, and shapely chest and shoulders you’ve always wanted! .75 lb. each—1.5-lb. set. (Used with Turbo Jam® Maximum Results and Hip Hop Abs® Ultimate Results.)

Bring it to the next level!
Our easy-to-use, comfortable weighted hand gloves strengthen and sculpt your arms, chest, and shoulders and improve your stamina.

Wear your gloves along with trainers Chalene Johnson in her Turbo Jam® Maximum Results program and Shaun T in his Hip Hop Abs® Ultimate Results program for accelerated fat-burning and sculpting results. Or simply wear them with any cardio workout to break through fitness plateaus, spice up familiar routines, and take your results to the next level! You’re guaranteed to burn fat and tone lean muscle faster with these best-selling resistance tools!

Turbocharge your upper-body workout!

Each glove is .75 pound (1.5-pound set)
One size fits most
Neoprene lining for increased comfort
Velcro closure for secure fit

Ankle Weights – 2-lb. Set

Sculpt and tone your lower body, blast through fitness plateaus, and shape your glutes as you increase strength and stamina.
1 lb. each—2-lb. set.
Accelerate your lower-body sculpting results
Improve your strength, stamina, and shape by adding ankle weights to your workouts. Trainer Leandro Carvalho wears them in his Brazil Butt Lift® program for targeted bottom sculpting and long, lean thighs. Use them with or without the Booty Resistance Bands for greater intensity and faster results.

A little weight goes a long way. It may not seem like much, but these ankle weights add just the right amount of resistance to increase your calorie burn and tone your muscles without bulking you up. You can even wear them during everyday activities like walking to get more benefits out of simple movements.

Special features

Ultra-soft material for comfort
Easy Velcro® adjustable closure for a secure fit
Each weight is 1 pound (2-pound set)
One size fits most

Balance Ball

This baby targets everything—your abs, back, chest, arms, thighs, legs, and buns. Use it with weights or without—it won’t burst if punctured. Plus a FREE gift! Color may vary.
Includes a FREE guidebook with “Top 10 Balance Ball Moves” for getting your best results!

If you’re under 5’4″
Size: 55 cm diameter

If you’re 5’4″ or taller
Size: 65 cm diameter

Sculpting Band

Sculpt your abs, inner thighs, and upper body to get a sexy and shapely physique. Improve your strength and range of motion, too! (Used with Yoga Booty Ballet® LIVE and Turbo Jam®).

Moderate resistance
Size: 72″ x 6″

Low resistance
Size: 47″ x 6″


Strength Band

Rev up your workouts with an extra boost of lower-body resistance. Using one, two, or all three levels of this portable Strength Band, you’ll tone your thighs, sculpt lean muscle in those hard-to-reach areas, and shape your firm booty in no time. (Used with Brazil Butt Lift® and INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™.)

Beginner (light) resistance
Size: 2″ x 10.5″

Medium resistance
Size: 2″ x 10.5″

Heavy resistance
Size: 2″ x 10.5″


Walking Bands – 1 Set

This breakthrough pair of beginner-level walking bands works your upper and lower body at the same time to help you shed fat, firm muscle, and increase total-body toning. Includes a pair of handles and foot straps. (Used with the Body Gospel® program and Sweat & Sculpt 20-minute DVD.
Sculpt and define long, lean muscles with these pro-grade resistance bands. Use them to train your upper and lower body at the same time. Or grip their unique handles and wear the foot straps for a great walking workout with resistance.

Plus you can adjust the bands’ length and tension as you grow stronger, with our patent-pending design. This will help you build strength, tone muscle, and increase bone mass. And if you’re packing for a trip, tuck these lightweight, compact bands in your bag for a great workout anywhere, anytime.

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